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  1. Jan 06

    It has been  while since my last blog, so I feel right now is the perfect time to reflect on the 2010-2011 season as it is in full bloom.   Read more

  • Nov 03

    Hello fellow Blazermaniacs, Sorry I have not contributed to the site in a while, but I felt now is the perfect time to blog about the young season which is successful thus far. I personally am very proud of Portland's team effort especially last night as Wesley Matthews led the way with 18 points, followed closely by Roy with 17 and 6 total Blazers finished

  • Mar 14

    Entering tonight's game against the Raptors, who are constantly fighting for a playoff spot, the Blazers were coming off a pleasant sweep in Northern California. Portland may only be in 8th place, however, their level of play the last four games has been pretty efficient. Whether it was the defensive scramble against the Kings in the Rose Garden on the ninth, or offensive

  • Feb 16

    Hello all, While you may be used to reading my blog today's post is drastically different. On Valentine's Day, I created a video broadcast so please feel free to watch and comment my Blazers recap! The picture quality isn't fantastic

  • Feb 04

    Tonight's game was crucial for the success of an ailing team to prove some consistency without their star player Brandon Roy. The opposing San Antonio Spurs held a more successful record prior to tonight, and the lead for the majority of the game. Early on, it seemed that high-percentage scoring and lack of turnovers would guide San Antonio to a victory; however, at the

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