1. Jan 12

        Come on Blazer fans!!! It's our duty as devoute fans to look out for our guys. They need our help. If we don't submit votes Brandon Roy could miss out. Sounds impossible huh?  Don't just assume he's a shoe in. He should be but...Were not doing our part or holding up our end of the bargain. The coaches can and hopefully will make it happen for him, but I don't like

  2. Jan 10

    I have to reckognise the fact that I seem to be addicted to Milk Shakes. The first step is acknowledging/admitting the vice, right?  The worst part of my addiction is, not weight gain or dental issues nor any other physical symptoms but I do seem to be abusing my blender(s). Going thru these things like  changing my underware.  I give up. Not going to buy anymore blenders.I

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