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  1. Dec 11

    What's with Steve Blake? My goodness... 0-4 from the field, and 0-3 from behind the arc? And he's starting in front of Andre Miller? WTF?!?! The guy's been averaging only 5 points a game, if that! Can someone explain what Dean Demoupolis is thinking? I'm not following him...

  2. Dec 06

    I don't know what to make of all of this. Granted we won against Houston, but at what cost? Pryz isn't much of a scorer, and Howard's no spring chicken... I'm just not sure how the hell on an 8 man rotation how you're gonna maintain a perimeter game while managing to play defense. (I'm curious to know how many of 'em, aside from B-Roy and

  3. Nov 28

    3 for 18 from behind the arc, Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer collectively owning the Blazers, and lopsided production from the Blazers bench led to this 16 point loss and lackluster night against the Jazz. I mean, how do you let the Jazz shoot 76 percent against you in the first quarter alone, and 61 percent overall? You would think Nate McMillian would've

  4. Nov 27

    Anybody have any suggestions/comments on how the blazers can dig themselves out of this hole they're in?  4 for 10 behind the arc and down by 22???    (61-39 at the start of the third) Jeez... I mean, aside from playing better D, converting more on second chance opportunities, and putting some energy out there, anyone have any thoughts?

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