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Jul 06

World Cup Betting - Spain wont give up in 2010

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South Africa is brimmed with the excitement and joy of World Cup and if you want to be a core fan of any team then it is time to know about the best teams. I would prefer Spain due to many reasons which will convince you also. Regardless of all the uncertainties, Spain has a higher probability of winning due to their undefeated history recently. You may argue that why then they did not get theWorld Cup? Do not underestimate them of not winning the World Cup; they have several records to their credit. So if you are crazy World Cup fan, then you should have definitely tried  World Cup Betting and Spain is a preferable choice. In this article we present some valuable information on your favorite team or future favorite team-Spain.

The Spanish team won the UEFA European Championship in 2008 and topped the world ranking in 2008. They have qualified the World Cup 12 times and have an undefeated record from November 2006 and June 2009. In the 1950 tournament Spain stood at the fourth place. This was an indication that this wonderful team has a lot more to go. The winning of European Nation's Cup in 1964 was a promise by the team to all the football nations that they will definitely hold theWorld Cup trophy once for sure.

The team is now in the second position in world ranking and many prefer this team on World Cup Betting because of the recent undefeated performance by the team. This record of winning 35 matches consecutively is shared by the World Champion Brazil, out of which 2 matches ended in draw. This record was the highest record by Spain with 73 goals and not allowing more than one goal from the opponent team. Now the team has qualified in the 2010World Cup by a royal win against Estonia. In the qualifying tournament they have proved themselves as an unbeatable team winning all the 10 matches. The traditional team jersey is a red with yellow trim and blue shorts. Now the team will face the 2010World Cup in their light red jersey and light blue shorts and red socks. The red color indicates the team name 'Red Fury'. This wonderful kit is designed by the Adidas and has the emblem of the Spain's Coat of arms over the left chest.

The backbone of the team is that it has the world's best midfielder-Xavi whose ability to control the midfield is remarkable. In this World Cup he will definitely be the best asset of his team. Another great player in the team is Fernando Torres who can strike goals from any position in the field. In spite of his poor performance in the Premiere League he will be the most expected goal scorer in the team.

It is a mystery that Spain hasn't been able to dominate the World Cup in spite of the talent. The team is equipped with fluent midfield, a pair of opportunistic strikers, rugged defenders and a shrewd tactician for the 2010World Cup and also glimpses of their undefeated history prove that they have the highest chance of winning the title of World Champions. In world Cup betting there are several options like guessing the finalist team and the player of the tournament. I swear you won't be disappointed with this team as they have formedthe best foundation to be potential winners. You can also predict the team in a match and you can believe that Spain will never let you down. The disciplined tactics of the team and their confidence is enough to make you believe that they are no less than the World Cup champions.
So let us wait and see for the winner from the 32 teams and I hope that Spain will never let you down. Get into the world cup betting action and place your bet at today!


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