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May 05

what i thinki , how i feel

By Koolaid26
The '' Blazers '' are cursed period. if we go jus a couple of years back we pickd '' Jarred Bayless '' over '' Derrick Rose '' now Rose is in Chicago causing havic in the back court for the Bulls. if we would have pickd Derrick we never would have needed '' Andre Miller '' . Then our back court would of ben Bradon Roy and Derrick Rose. We past up '' Kevin Durant '' for Greg Oger and now Durant's a scoring machine for Oklahoma and where is Oden layd up again another Million dollar contract for someone who hasn't playd a full season in 4 years. we past up '' Michael Jordan '' one of the biggest blunders of alltime in NBA history. we dont even have a player who wants the ball when the game is on the line '' Allstar Bradon Roy '' another Million dollar contract he stands there watching passing the ball instead of calling for the ball calling for isolation plays and taking over the game like '' Dwayne Wade '' Labron James '' Kobe Bryant leading there team to victory. Not only Bradon Roy but the whole team stands around on the court and wait for whatever to happen. buy a ticket for crying out loud we have some of the greatest fans in the NBA and nobody tops our sellouts in the league and is this what the fans deserve our players watching the game more than we are? '' Blazer Mania '' we play like a bunch of girls. we are worst then the Raiders organization we have had some of the best players of alltime and they never win a champiship as a Blazer example Clyd Drexler didn't win till he went to Houston. We got rid of '' Rasheed Wallace '' talking about his attitude when attitude reflects leadership and is something we need on the court. But who's to blame?  '' Kevin Pritcherd '' Management front office needs a overhaul '' Rasheed Wallace '' also said that before he was kickd off the team it's ben 32 years since weve won the Trophy. When will we ever lern it takes a back court then a Awsome PF to win a Champiship. But do u think we are smart enough to go after Dwayne Wade or Labron James this offseason no because we have Bradon Roy someone thats scared to take over the game and lead his team. let's be honest do u think we would be out the playoff if we had Dwayne Wade, Labron James, Derrick Rose? Bottom line is to win it all it takes Determination and i feel Bradon Roy let down his team and fans. Not an Allstar performance. Untill we can get Management straight in Portland Goodluck Blazers


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