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Apr 24

cheer for Blazers!!!

By daryl
wt a excellent day wif the win at our home.i was totally impressed by wt Batum did.he was born to be a basketball player.he'll never give up when facing the injury.He desires the play for trail blazers.
And wt i surprise that B.Roy has return.this team is being more united and just make me fall in them.
This series is challenging,let's keep it up and overcome wif the injury problems.Get into the next round Blazers!


  1. Every time the blazers play my two Girls Yell at the TV Let's Go Blazers just like the fans do they are two and four so cute it is so in the words of my two little girls LET'S GO BLAZERS!

    by Leila on 4/26/2010 3:42 PM
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