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Apr 18

Anyone else annoyed at delay on Roy's surgery?

By reubenw
Now I understand things happen, and a shorter rehab is better but still, if Roy had done the surgery after the Laker game he would be back by now.  This is potentially the deciding factor for the Blazers season.  How could the initial timeline have been so far off?  Why wasn't this looked at more closely?  I have faith in the rest of the team, and I still like our odds but I can't help but feel a little pissed at how this is playing out.  I am glad the surgery went well and Roy is looking at a fast recovery but something stinks here and I can't put my finger on it.  With all the medical technology and all the money this franchise has access to this is a major mistep at best.  If our playoff run is cut short because of a miscalculated injury, someone should have to answer for that.  I mean its not like we haven't had to deal with injuries this year.  No one was suprised by fact Roy's injury would require some type of surgery.  But to go from 4-6 weeks recovery to only 1-2 is ridiculous to say the least.  Anyone with an answer??


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