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Mar 26

Is anyone doing this? Please?

By deelz Posted in: AndreMiller
One of the things that I've been watching for in Blazers games (Almost to the point of missing game action) is instances of Andre Miller jumping above the rim.

Now, we all make jokes about his 2" vertical, but I've been seeing a lot more air out of 'Dre lately. Perhaps he's found new legs? Sapping the strength out of the Blazer's rookies? Springs in his shoes?
Who knows!

However, there has to be some obsessive* Blazers fan who has put together a video slide show of 'Dre's air.


*Excuse me, "dedicated"


  1. I'm sure Dre jumps just as high as he always does on all of his jump shots, which is not many. Once in a while you'll see the windmill jam like he did in Denver, but I really think he is consistently getting the same elevation time after time on his shot.

    by DHawes22 on 3/26/2010 4:18 PM
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