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Mar 22

Still in the eighth spot

By Priderox
The Blazers game @ Phoenix was a needed win for both teams. The Suns are battling for a top four spot in the playoffs. Now since the Blazers lost they still remain .5 games behind the Spurs. That could change when the Spurs go to Oklahoma City. If they loose that makes us tied. The Spurs have the hardest schedule coming up though. They are playing the Lakers, Cavaliers, and more teams that are over .500. The Blazers next game is taking on the Mavs in the Rose Garden. That again is a much needed win for both teams, the mavs are looking to top Denver for the second spot. The playoff race in the West is harder to get into then the east. In the West you have to battle to make it in. In the East the top four teams all will have the advantage, and they will easily beat there opponents. So I think if the Blazers reach the seventh they will play the Nuggets, right now they will be playing the Lakers. If the Mavs can top Denver thats who the Blazers would play. So that's some playoff info for you


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