Jan 12

***All-Star Voting***

    Come on Blazer fans!!! It's our duty as devoute fans to look out for our guys. They need our help. If we don't submit votes Brandon Roy could miss out. Sounds impossible huh?  Don't just assume he's a shoe in. He should be but...Were not doing our part or holding up our end of the bargain. The coaches can and hopefully will make it happen for him, but I don't like to rely soley on that when we have the power to assure his entrance. The whole reason why I'm even concerned is because of what I recently heard. Brandon Roy is currently in 7th or 8th place in  fan votes amongst gaurds in the west.  Thats ridiculus. He should be in the top 3 based upon performance. It's due to the fact that the Blazers are way up in the Pacific Northwest so they get overlooked, and don't get the reckognition they deserve nor do our players. Let's show some support. You can submit a ballot everyday. If you consider yourself a fan then do your part. Food for thought-Brandon deserves in, therfore if you don't vote and he doesn't get in then your responsible.    

    With all of the adversity these guys (and us fans) have faced and had to deal with this season lets do what we can to help bring something positive to the table.The sad thing is that so much negativity is swarmming around the team this year and if Brandon Roy misses out as an All-Star allthough horrible it wouldn't be the most shocking thing to hit the organization this season. We have had enough uncontrollable problems so we definetly don't need to add a very controllable one.   

"A mans true colors are shown as he stands tall in the face of adversity."-Berube

***If your reading this it means your online with an internet connection. So take an extra couple of minutes and go make that All-Star vote. Brandon Roy needs your vote!!!***

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