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Dec 09

LA being the first option

By whwl
Isn't it amazing how getting LA started opens up the floor for everything else.  I didn't watch the game, I only caught highlights, but him scoring the first 10 points really spreads the floor when the double team comes to help.  I am just wondering why he didn't score 40 points tonight.  He seemed unstoppable.  I know that Pacers are not a good team, but our depleted team seemed to have more of an identity, and a grasp on what they were going to do offensively, which really made a difference on offense.  Going with our two horses, LA and Roy will open things up for the other role players and we will play more like a team.  I hope that McMillin doesn't try to set plays for the other players, but rather just runs the offense through those two guys and let the wins come where they will.  Live and die with those two.  They are our All-Stars.  I hope they take it to Clevland next.


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