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May 20

Is Kevin Durant the Drexler of this era?

By t bone
Like Clyde Drexler in his day, Kevin Durant is the face of a small market franchise, a perennial all-star, great all around player, probable future hall of fame member, and one of the most dominant players at his position in the history of the game.  And like Clyde Drexler, for the bulk of his career he will be thought of as the second best player at his position in the league. 

Durant is to Lebron what Clyde was to Jordan and I really feel for the guy.  He reminds of Drexler personality wise too soft spoken good guy but a fierce competitor with that rare killer instinct.  Like Drexler, Durant faced his nemesis for the ring and came up short.  I can't help but wonder if Durant will eventually have to wait for Lebron's exit before he claims a ring of his own.
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