May 09

On The Clock With Damian Lillard

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This past Media Day, I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and interview the Trail Blazers and Head Coach Terry Stotts ... But these aren't your average, run-of-the-mill basketball questions. Without further ado, here is the next installment of "On The Clock" with the unanimous Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard.

Down by two with five seconds left to play on the road. Do you go for the tie or the three for the win?

Damian Lillard: I'm shooting the THREE!

If you didn't attend Weber State, you would have played college basketball where?

DL: Saint Mary's (Ed Note: Fun Fact - Damian Lillard would have played in the same backcourt as former Trail Blazer Patty Mills during his Freshman season in 2008-09.)

Who is the one former NBA legend you would love to match up with 1-on-1?


What's your favorite pair of adidas?

DL: Jeremy Scott's (Ed Note: Dame didn't specify which Jeremy Scott's were his favorite so I just picked three out of the bunch. I might need to cop a pair of the Mickey Mouse's.)

Have you picked a winner for the Lillard Kicks contest and when do you plan on wearing them?

DL: I've picked one winner to wear for home and away games. I'll wear the 'Candy Canes' at home against Brooklyn. (Ed Note: I really like the 'Candy Canes', but they definitely didn't bring any luck as the Nets handed the Trail Blazers one of their worst home losses in recent memory.)

Do you dominate with your own player on NBA 2K13?

DL: I haven't yet, but I would take over with virtual Dame.

If you weren't in the NBA, what sport would you go pro in and at what position?

DL: NFL Wide Receiver for the Oakland Raiders (Ed Note: Once again, huge thanks to our intern Mario Lucero for the fantastic Photoshop!)

Who's winning March Madness this year (besides Weber State)?
DL: Michigan (Ed Note: I asked Dame this question on February 25th, about three weeks before the NCAA Tournament started, so nice call on picking the Wolverines who made it all the way to the championship game before being ousted by the Louisville Cardinal.)

Where's your favorite place to eat in Portland?

DL: Benihana

What's the snack food you can't live without?

DL: Oreo's, the original

What's currently being played on your iPod?

DL: J Cole and Danny From Sobrante

Who's your favorite character on Martin?

DL: Dragonfly Jones

What's your favorite Friday movie?

DL: Friday

Smokey or Dey-Dey?

DL: Smokey

Who's your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

DL: Will Ferrell

What's your favorite Will Ferrell movie?

DL: Anchorman, but Step Brothers is pretty funny, too.

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  1. Awesome! And those GIFS from NBA2K13!! Love it!

    by Anees on 5/11/2013 8:48 PM
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