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Apr 14

Building the perfect team

By billyamick47

This team is just not good enough simple as that so it is time to blow it up and build a real contender for a change.

PG I like Lillard he can score, pass and looks in control on the court. Also I hear he is working with Gary Payton this summer to improve his defense, which while improving is still pretty lackluster. Plus, I had to keep somebody from this team didn't I?

PG Eric Maynor was a cheap pick up and was worth the gamble he had some nice moments but he is not the kind of player I want as a back up PG. Lillard will likely be a 20 point scorer next season in the NBA so offense is not what we need behind him, which is why I am recommending Iman Shumpert. Shumpert can play all three back court spots and defend each equally. Plus he is likely easier to acquire than Avery Bradley. 

SG I like Wesley Matthews he plays with heart and intensity. He is a little too streaky for me but he is certainly a worthwhile player to keep on the team. 40% from 3 point range and big time defense means he can start on my team anytime. 

SG Tony Allen He is an elite defender and a free agent, he won't light anyone up from the field but that won't matter since his real value is leadership and smothering perimeter defense. 

SF I would love to put Lebron, Durant, Melo or even Paul George in this spot but since no of them can be acquired so I am taking Jimmy Butler. Butler is an improving offensive player and will likely make his first NBA All Defensive team next year. He might not be available but Batum is better right now so he could pry Butler from the Bulls.

SF Matt Barnes there are a lot of SF's that were intriguing but Barnes is a free agent and should be affordable to sign, which gave him the bump. Barnes is a good perimeter shooter, rebounder and defender a great guy to have coming off the bench. 

PF Taj Gibson His salary fits in the Butler for Batum deal and his post defense fills a major need on this team. While he would command a large salary as a back up PF his post defense would be a god send on a team that has lacked a true post presence since a healthy Oden, Camby tried but he was just a little too old.

PF Lamarcus Aldridge he plays way too passive at times but his talent level is undeniable, I considered trading him but there was really no offer that made sense and provided fair value to be found. 

C This is where things get very difficult. Ideally the team would add someone like Joakim Noah, or Marc Gasol but neither of those guys will be available. Greg Oden if healthy would be a nice gamble he has probably burnt his bridge in Portland and no one knows if he can hold up over a NBA season but considering what else is out there, he is worth the risk as long as anything beyond the first season is not guaranteed. 

C Meyers Leonard Portland drafted the wrong guy the should have moved up to take Drummond but that did not happen so now we are stuck hoping he learns to play some defense cause so far his defense has been dreadful. 

C Marcin Gortat Hopefully Phoenix goes after Bynum by doing so Gortat will be put on the block. He is not a perfect fit but considering paying 5 million to sign Pachulia or Dalembert or playing Leonard and Oden is too scary not to consider him. He should be cheap to acquire but if another teams offers a 1st rounder for him this team will be looking at plan B or C and hoping Gibson and LA play well together.


  1. I like some of the pieces here just not a 100% the team all works together. Check out my version on the blogs and as a reply on page 3 of your thread.

    by cmeese47 on 4/14/2013 6:05 PM
  2. What if I traded Lamarcus Aldridge for Marc Gasol?

    by billyamick47 on 4/14/2013 7:10 PM
  3. I like the idea of trading Aldridge for Gasol but I think the biggest issue with that is Memphis probably would not accept that trade.

    by cmeese47 on 4/15/2013 1:59 PM
  4. not really sure why you'd want to blow up the nucleus; we already are likely not to bring back JJ next season. also not sure why you say we drafted the wrong guy at center when Drummond is only an inch taller than JJ. a couple of weeks ago Olshey said we couldn't build a contender with a 6'9" center ... well i don't think the extra inch Dummond brings (which is debatable since i remember seeing some pre-draft measurements call him 6'9") is going to convince Olshey. we were told from day one that Meyers was going to be a bit of a project and that he is. however, look at his play on day one and look at it now; he's making strides. what we really need is a rent-a-center for a year or two until Meyers is ready to step into the starting center's role. i would agree that Gortat might be a decent fill-in to meet that end. as for trading LaMarcus for Marc Gasol, it's an interesting idea to throw out there, but when it comes to potential trades you have to ask yourself one question: does it make us better? overall, i'd have to say no. Gasol is a great player and i would label him the best center in the western conference, but what LaMarcus brings in versatility overrides that. as i said, we just don't get better. as for the other ideas; well, there might be some good options there, but we also have to realize that other teams are looking for players like that too. it might not be as easy as snatching and grabbing them without any competition.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 4/18/2013 7:57 AM
  5. Drummond was at the combine 6'9.75" with shoes on he was 6'11.75"
    JJ was 6'7.63" and 6'9.25 in shoes.

    That is a two and half inch difference.

    JJ measured a 7'0.75" wing span
    Drummond was 7'6.25"

    Drummond is 2.5" taller with a 5.5" longer reach he is clearly center size.

    Also I fail to see how he blew up the nucleus trading Batum for Butler and Gibson. Matthews, Lillard, Aldridge and Leonard are all back, I did not see mention of Barton but I imagine he is back as well.

    by cmeese47 on 5/8/2013 10:43 AM
  6. Unfortunately it looks like the Butler deal is probably out the window with his play this post season.

    by billyamick47 on 5/8/2013 10:50 AM
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