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Meyers' Extra Inspiration

By Kassandra Posted in: Blazers, Bobcats, Nuggets, Timberwolves
The eleventh pick in last June's NBA draft is on a tear and it turns out that country singer K.D. Lang is a bit of a basketball, and perhaps -- Trail Blazers -- fan. She made Meyers her twitter Monday Man crush.

On February 27, Meyers turned 21 years old. From that moment on, he has been a beast on the court. He has taken no prisoners and has not bothered with taking names. Meyers is averaging 13.3 points and 6.3 rebounds per game, in just over 19 minutes per game. During that span, he's set and reset his career highs in points against Denver and Charlotte, respectively.

K.D. Lang even retweeted Meyers' pregame tweet.

Meyers scored a career high 15 points against the Bobcats Monday night, and grabbed six rebounds. As with the previous two games, many of his points came on dunks. I doubt that bothers any Blazers fan.

But what was so inspiring about going up against the Bobcats? Could it be, that K.D. Lang's crush pushed him over the edge. You know, did her love for Meyers prompt him to continue his strong play?

I don't think it can be denied! I don't think we should question it! I don't think we should probably take this blog too seriously!

Over these past games, he's scored 13, 12 and 15 points. Over these past three games, he's grabbed five, eight and six rebounds. What we have here is consistency. That word means a lot. Consistency is all about stringing games together with similar and, in this case, positive results. Meyers has done that over these past three games.

Meyers is coming along quite nicely in his development as an NBA player. That's certainly enough to develop a Monday Man Crush. The numbers prove it and many agree. 

Apparently, one of those in agreement is K.D. Lang.


Note: These tweets came from K.D. Lang's verified twitter account.

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  1. Hi Kassandra; for sure, love from you and KD and trust from us fans and his team mates will help Meyers new approach to the game; Now that he is much older at 21, maybe he will keep that edge against more powerful centers and when he is not doing so good.

    Great Blog, I could say that I developed a Monday woman crush on Kassandra, but you know I did that when you were a sniffling teenage brat, but now I can say a women crush on your excellence.

    by Hg on 3/5/2013 6:51 AM
  2. oh jeesh, i was never a sniffling teenage brat, but i do show some excellence! K.D. has been around portland for the past week according to her twitter photos. i think the Blazers are growing on her.

    by Kassandra on 3/5/2013 11:45 AM
  3. I think Ms. Lang is on to something. Meyers is coming along quite well. It seems the up side of his game is emerging as potentially routine. He is exceedingly athletic. More so than most at his position. Soft shot, quick feet and scrappiness are all evident. His physical skills should eventually translate to good defense. K.D. is exquisitely talented in her own arena. Meyers should feel inspired by her endorsement.

    by teradasan on 3/8/2013 1:16 AM
  4. @teradasan: i agree about Meyers' game. one of the things i most value is consistency and, before his injury last night, he put together a few consistent performances. it's like two weeks ago he turned a major corner. Meyers is only getting better, and it's nice to see the first stages of it!

    by Kassandra on 3/9/2013 11:10 AM
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