Feb 27

On The Clock With Eric Maynor

By DHawes22
This past Media Day, I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and interview the Trail Blazers and Head Coach Terry Stotts ... But these aren't your average, run-of-the-mill basketball questions. Without further ado, here is the next installment of "On The Clock" with Eric Maynor.

What's your favorite part about Portland so far?

Eric Maynor: The people are nice. It's a nice city. And I like playing in the Rose Garden, great fans.

You got to wear the Rip City jerseys against Boston. How did you like them?

EM: They're nice. Everyone was talking about them, too.

If you didn't attend Virginia Commonwealth to play college basketball, which school would you have chosen?

EM: No where, really. VCU was the first visit I went on and I just wanted to commit.

What was your favorite moment at VCU?

EM:Going to the NCAA Tournament two times and winning the conference championship (Ed Note: For whatever reason, I can still remember sitting in the car, listening to the radio as VCU upset Duke in the first round of 2007 NCAA Tournament. Eric had a huge game that night, as he scored 22 points and handed out 8 assists. He was a household name after that performance.)

Who do you have winning March Madness?

EM: VCU over everybody

What are your favorite pair of Jordan's?

EM: Patent leather 11's, red and black

What is your favorite movie?

EM: Life

What's your favorite basketball movie?

EM: He Got Game or Above The Rim (Ed Note: Eric's got good taste as both are great hoops movies and Above The Rim is my favorite as well.)

Which holiday has the best candy?

EM: Halloween

What's your least favorite food?

EM: Beans

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

EM: Hey Arnold!

What was your first car?

EM: Range Rover (Ed Note: After the interview, I wished I had specified if this was indeed Eric's first car he ever owned or the first ride he got when he made it to the NBA. Either way, nice choice!)

What's currently being played on your iPod?

EM: Drake, Lil' Wayne, J. Cole

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

EM: Family Matters (Ed Note: Yes, I know the gif is from Steve's appearance on Full House, but Steve Urkel is still synonymous with Family Matters.)

PS3 or XBOX 360?


What's your favorite video game?


Do you dominate with virtual Eric Maynor?

EM: No

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