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Jan 04

Ice Man: Lillard

By Blazer Fanatic Posted in: Blazers
With the November and December, NBA Rookie of the Month Awards under his belt, Damian Lillard has shown he has what it takes to not only be a starting PG, but one of the best in the NBA.  He's currently 18th in the NBA in points per game (18.4).  But what really sets Lillard appart from other scorers is his production in crunch time.

Lillard is clutch.  The Blazer are 4-0 in over time and Lillard played a huge role in each win.  In two other games, he hit a dagger 3 in the final second versus the Hornets, and again versus the Knicks on New Year's Day.

Then I got to thinking, clutch implies performing under presure when the game is on the line.  Presure is a state of mind, and Lillard seems unphased by the presure.  He plays like he's been there before and with such confindence in himself and his ability.  Look no further than the expression on his face after he drains a big shot in the crunch time.  He's one cool customer.

So, Lillard isn't leading the NBA in scoring, but take a look at his production in the final 5 minutes of games when the game is within 5 points (In the Clutch):

      Total   In the Clutch
Offensive Efficiency Rating 104.9   125
FG%     42%   49%
3P% 36% 50%
Effective FG%   49%   60%
True Shooting % 54% 64%
Plus/Minus   -6   +25.7
*stats from

Face it, this young man has ice in his veins.


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