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Aug 27

"Blog contest" Official entry.

By malfa
I have been a Blazer fan since before I can even remember! Supporting them through thick and thin. With this new look, young, roster I am extremely excited to see them in this upcoming season. I loved this years draft for our team and cannot wait to see what Damian Lillard can provide for our team on the court. I picked the Weekend Plan because I am currently working full time in Eugene, Oregon after I received a great job offer down here. Unfortunately that came with moving away from Portland and thus seeing less and less of the Blazers live. Once I started the job last year I couldn't quite find enough extra cash to pay for cable in order to watch all of the televised Blazer games. So after not watching much basketball last year this would be a GREAT turnaround.

I also tore my ACL/Meniscus in my left knee at the beginning of summer doing what I love, playing basketball. So I would like to get as close to the basketball court as I can since I will be unable to return to full basketball activities for another 9 months.




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