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Aug 27

Which Ticket Plan Is Right For You?

By FishersPOP
The Blazers new Weekend package would fit our families needs perfectly.  My wife a hard working sixth grade teacher.  My son a very active non-stop 4 going on 10 year old.  Myself a commuter who gets home at 6, cooks dinner and plays with his son before we get him to bed nice and early so he can be in the best of moods when I drop him off at preschool early the next morning.  Weekends are a great time to splurge on the late night activities such as A Blazers game, movie, visiting friends.  Last year my wife bought me the lakers package which was shortened but still every game was on a week night.  I was able to take Fisher (4 year old) to one game and he loved it, although he was passed out mid 3rd quarter.  I had to take my boss to one game to make up for the handful of times I had to leave work early to be able to pick up whoever I was taking to game and get parking etc.  So again the weekend package is awesome and I bet the Rose Garden will be filled with families that feel the same way!


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