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Aug 15

Blog Contest: Which Ticket Plan Is Right For You?

By HuynhorLose92
This is my first time ever blogging on the Trail Blazers website, and can I just say the Blazers mean everything to me. I was born in Portland (now live in Eugene) and I have loved the blazers ever since I was 5 years old and went to my first Blazer game. Just the energy that enters your body the moment you step into that arena, is breath taking. If you knew who I was, you would know all i wear is red, black, and white and most of my clothes have a blazer symbol on it. I just turned 20 on the 11th, so I have been a Blazer fan for 15 years now, and have no plans to stop and hop onto no bandwagon like the Lakers or Heat.

I'm always supporting my team no matter what we are going through. I know we will always get back up with a fight. We have a team of straight baller's, and now we just drafted 3 pretty stacked rookies, but my favorite player is Batum. I just hope next season he gets more confidence and goes to the basket more. I know we are going to do something big next season! I just hope the new coach can pick up a good chemistry with the team, and everybody like's him.

If i had to choose a game i would want to see next season, it would have to be the Trail Blazers vs. The Timberwolves. Only because my favorite Blazer, that I have been alive to watch, day in and day out, and pretty much look for basketball skills from is Brandon Roy. I wish he could have just stayed with the Blazers and went under rehab and got better. I believe the management would have kept him and worked him back to his old All-Star self. 

Watch him come back to the NBA and just take over. But anyways, my wish is to be sitting lower level range so I would be able to see my hero in person, up close. Watching him play against us will be hard, but you know I'm still going to root the Portland Trail Blazers no matter what. Blazer Pride for life. Can't wait for next season!!!


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