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Oct 09

Predictions are always fun

By BestEraEver1

*Western Finals: Portland vs LA  
     Home team will win first 4 games. Than the rest is a toss up. LA in 7. Game 7: Roy goes off for 40.Oden and Joel both get into foul trouble. Portlands inexperienced champ caliber mentality is exposed. Last min clutch play by kobe with Roy & Batum up on his grill.

*Eastern Finals: Boston vs Orlando 
     Boston utilizes their bigs and sense of urgency (as it will be the end of their reign) to toss the magic out of sync.Orlando fights tough but loses in 6.
     (Not happening for Cleveland. Bad general management. Winning reg season games dont mean anything. Only typical talent around lebron. Mo williams is undersized trigger happy 2 guard. Shaq will have small impact. Lebron will sign with a new team in off season)  

**Finals: LA vs Boston
     Will be one of the greatest finals in the history of all pro sports.  Both teams recognition of their closing window of opportunity will result in all 7 games down to the wire.  If kobe has enough of him left in the tank and the lakers defense keeps it locked LA will repeat. Garnett, Pierece and Allen along with Kobe close their prime with likely the greatest series to ever be witnessed. Kobe gets his 2nd finals mvp allowing all his critics to place him in line with Jordan as the most complete player of all time.

> Off season will be absolutely bananas.


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