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Jul 06

No way frenchy

By Slomoman32 Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
This makes me sick to see that Baum is crying to be let go.i say do it.hes been asked to step up and fails to do that.he wants to be able to play of the dribble let him try heis a jump shooter not a dribbler let him try it we as fans poor everything into our players but when they get to be spoiled little brats we need to learn to show the other side of our him every second he is out there.and anyway he is so overrated and lacks killer instinct of a all star.lets say goodbye and pin that salary on the wolves him and Roy .batum is what he is and that's a roll player there will always be more role players out there .but paying him 11plus million a year no way more like 3to5 and not a penny more.nuff said


  1. Good post I like the anger more passion that Batum shows on the court

    by cmeese47 on 7/8/2012 10:00 PM
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