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Jul 03

Steve Nash. Where will he land?

By darinmydad Posted in: Knicks, LaMarcusAldridge, Mavericks, Pacers, Raptors, Suns
I am a Suns fan. I was born there and I love Steve Nash, but I honestly believe that the Suns should let him go. With the Suns preparing for the future, there are only four teams that have a legitimate shot to sign Nash. I am going to list the four teams from most unlikely to the most likely to sign Nash. 4. Dallas Mavericks Steve Nash and Dirk are great friends and they both really want to play together. Nash's passing and Dirk's offense can make them champions again. He will be able to score with this team more than most of the others he can sign with. He could become a top five point guard scoring and passing threat. They will be great there. 3. Toronto Raptors Yes the Raptors have money and a bright future if they got Nash, but they can't win a title in the next three years, with or without Nash. That is what Nash really wants. He doesn't care about money. He wants a ring. That is something he can't get there. That is why he is most likely not to go there, but they are more likely to get him than the Mavericks. 2. New York Knicks Nash will blend perfectly with the Knicks. He will make Amare relevant again, Chandler a scorer, and Carmelo even better that before. He can make Melo a top five player In the league. He can lead the Knicks to a ring and the first for all of the great players on that team. If he goes there he will win a ring, but I believe he will win two with the next team. 1. Indiana Pacers Nash can make this team a top five team. He will make Roy Hibbert the third best center in the league. He can also make Paul George and Danny Granger good scorers. Imagine a lineup with Nash, George, Granger, West, and Hibbert. That lineup could make the Pacers a championship contender for at least three years Overall,I believe that Nash has four teams to choose from and two of them will bring him his first ring. I honestly believe that he should go to the Knicks or the Pacers to Win his first title.
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  1. Nash is going to the lakers in s sign-and-trade involving lakers draft picks, but this deal -- nor any of the others -- can happen until July 11. it's all verbal agreements at this point.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 7/5/2012 7:25 AM
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