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Sep 30

This is my first blog- so lay off!  These comments are a combination of what I realistically expect from each player and what I hope to see from them this coming season.

Steve Blake- I expect to see Blake improve his lateral quickness and become a better perimeter defender.  PG's can consistently drive by him and make the defense collapse.  I want him in the starting role because he knows the offense and is tried and true.  He needs to keep his 3-pt % up...

Andre Miller- I hope Andre comes in and doesn't "play it safe".  Everyone is so concerned about what the coaching staff thinks.  I hope Andre uses his judgment and experience to take chances now and then.  Get the easy baskets- throw those lobs.  He needs "chemistry" with the core players and understand where each scorer likes the ball, and what they can do.  The Portland media may get the best of him.

Jarred Bayless- Stay assertive.  Calm down and run the offense.  Play good "D' but stop picking up the nit-picky fouls.  Move him to shooting guard where he can get more minutes and play his natural position.

Rudy Fernandez- Build some muscle buddy.  Start driving the lane more and stop camping in the corner.  I'd like to see more mid-rangers from you this year.  Gotta be quicker on Defense.

Martell Webster- You have a clean slate.  Nobody's expecting anything from you so go out there and show us all what we know you can do.  This is your year.

Nic Batum- We saw flashes of brilliance from you last year. We need more than flashes.  Need to be assertive and better understand what your role is on this team.

Travis Outlaw- Travis travis travis.  You have such potential to be great.  On offense, keep driving the land when appropriate and take your time with the offense.  Pass the ball once in a while.  On defense- you have to be quicker on your toes.  Your amount of minutes this year is a big question mark, like Bayless.

Brandon Roy- You're lighter and more mature.  You can now be more comfortable and more explosive in your offensive moves.  Remember that you have plenty of scorer's out there with you.  Draw the double team and kick it out.  Look for the back door.

LaMarcus Aldridge- We all know you can hit that jumper.  Everyone else knows you can hit that jumper, now when they run out to guard you, drive by them and finish at the rim.  Rebounding baby!  Defensively, keep doin what you are doin.

Joel Pryzbilla- Everyone knows you are not an offensive threat so surprise us with some new tricks.  Short hook shot, post moves? who knows...  Never lose that red face and stay fearless.  You are our rock.

Greg Oden- Last year, other players were placing a bounty to anyone who could dunk on you.  They picked the wrong year and I think the bounty just tripled.  If you can work on your defending and stop fouling out, you WILL be an All-Star this year.

Everyone else...  I ran out of time at work...



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