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Apr 02

what it means to be a fan of the blazers

By oregongal47 view (TG)
teresa with the mikes at tonights game with utah

 I have not written a blog in a long time...a lot going on with the challenges of working ful time since january and digesting this crazy season that has had its up and downs.  at first it did not seem like we were going to have a season with the lockout and no one knew when that was going to end.  It seemed pretty bleak that the two sides would ever come together but somehow they managed to do that just at the end of november. we would get our season after all and it would be very compact and short...so as a fan most of us were pretty excited to finally have the blazers playing again. we had high hopes for a great season. not knowing that things were going to drastically change for us and that we would be on a very very wild ride. Before we even played a game or had training camp we as blazer fans were hit wtih some tough news...our beloved brandon roy would retire due to his knees being gone...then we heard later in the day that Lamarcus Aldridge would undergo heart procedure for his heart ailment that side lined him his rookie year and then we thought the news would not get any worse we found out that Greg oden had suffered a setback and they were not even sure if he would even play...no one said anything.  Then the players started arriving and we were thrilled.  most of us camped outside to go to fanfest to see the team i even waited outside in the cold for two hours to get a good seat and practically got trampled when those of us outside saw the players in the foyer getting ready to hand out programs. I met armon johnson and greg oden...i later met up with eowyn a marie where we sat behind the blazer bench...four rows back...and we had fun. enjoying the expisiton.  then the games started and we were on a great roll things were looking good.  then things fell apart after that first loss in phoenix after beating the lakers....then something bad happened after that loss in phoenix after beating la. we lost something during that phoenix game that we never recovered in morale or chemistry. then we had that first road trip that was a diseaster.  not sure what began to unravel but it seems like a few players began to tune out the coach and not play together and they set upon a course of tanking games which made me angry beyond words. I am not stupid I grew up around basketball and have been following it too many years. wether I can prove some guys deliberately lost games to get the coach fired I dont know.  they will have to answer for that. I was saddened to see a great coach Nate Mcmillan go and see some of my fave players get traded. it was tough for me but I had hope that maybe things would be better and things have been somewhat better...so here I am as a fan going through some major ups and downs. I realize I still love most of this team and that we can rebuild and the other thing that makes a fan have fun is not just the players but the other fans. I am so thankful for the blessing of knowing other fans and their opinions through the blazer media. you have brought quite a few of us together and we have become freinds.  Then there is the broadcasters and tonight I had a dream come true I got to meet two of the mikes that I absolutely love and adore. I have followed mike rice when he started out on radio with steve snapper jones...how this came about I got tickets from a fellow blazer chatter and I went to the game with another chatter who has had a tough year too.  just like the blazer season my life had its ups and downs. I battled back from a major downer in the fall and now things are better for me. full time work and blessings that have come my way through patience.  so I see sports as being what life is ups and downs. you dont bail out you keep going.  so here is to hoping for a better future and enjoying life as a fan.  I love basketball and always will...

so being a blazer fan encompasses more then the basketball. it is also seeing your freind who gets to finally get a picture and autograph with the players and being able to be goofy playing with cameras and collecting things.  It also means you make jokes I now have this running joke that I am a jinx on players when I buy their jerseys. they end up being gone. so my freind tonight said to me dont you dare buy wesleys jersey or la marcus or nicos jerseys I said nope im done...

hang in there blazer fans the best is yet to come it will be there have patience. I waited over three years for a ful time job and the lessons I learned from that experience were priceless...


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