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Mar 17

Big Changes...Big Results?

By Thebigcur503
For several years Nate McMillan was seen as the face of a rejuvenated franchise.  Before he arrived in Portland the Blazers were awful, on and off the court.  Fan attendance faltered and many had lost faith in the Blazers.  McMillan changed the culture of the team.  Quality players were brought in who were good guys whether they were playing basketball or out in the community.  There was more and more winning each season and eventually a few playoff berths which ended quickly in first round.  While McMillan was a good coach, he eventually lost his team.  Players started to disrespect him and challenge his authority.  At the same time the Blazers' once promising 2011/2012 season began to go downhill quickly.  Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?  Did the Blazer's start losing because the team lost respect for the coach or did they lose respect for the coach because they stopped winning games?  It doesn't matter.  The team was on it's way down and drastic changes needed to be made.  Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby, two wily veterans were traded.  In return the Blazers received some pretty useless injured players (does this sound familiar) but there was a diamond in the rough.  The protected 1st round pick that was received would be a gem for most NBA teams.  But not the Blazers.  Need I remind the loyal fan base of the several 1st round mistakes the Blazers have made in the last 3years.  The Blazers management needs to step back and look at mistakes previously made.  This draft pick (which could be an early pick) should be used as trade bait.  Yes I know, analysts are saying that this is going to be a deep draft.  But why not trade the pick for a player who you know is going to perform and not risk it on a player who needs to develop and could potentially have bum knees.  After all the injuries that have hindered the team in the last few years it just isn't worth wasting the time on a young guy who hasn't proven himself.  The Blazers need a player who will perform well, play with energy and be a team guy.  We do not need another ego!  We do not need another draft bust! We need to WIN!   


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