Mar 01

There's been a lot of talk the last few days about trades and changes in the Blazers makeup. You know the kind: "You can trade anybody but Aldridge; you can trade anybody but Batum; or just "You can trade ANYBODY" to improve this team. Here's my take. Seems to me there's one player on this team who has the ability to make Portland forget about its two sad unintentional draft tragedies (and you know just the two I mean). That player is Elliot Williams. Not LaMarcus and not Nic, both of whom have great talent and both of whom lack the mental toughness required to make the most of their talents and transcend the game. Elliot has the talent (in fact, only Michael and David Thompson could fly in the same sky), but - more importantly - Elliot has the toughness to fly through walls. He took the game to Denver last night as no other Blazer, but was swatted down by brutal no-calls by Denver's 6th man (in stripes) every time. Elliot is the perfect size, too, to play 2 or 3 and beat any defender, an ability only enhanced by his left handedness. Long after all the other Blazers are forgotten, this town will remember the great good fortune of the draft that brought Elliot Williams to the great Rip City. Play him now or play him later, but whatever you do, don't trade him.
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