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Feb 07

Good game last night... for Durant :)

By macmeeze
I went to the game last night just to watch Kevin Durant kick the crap out of the poor frail blazers, who cannot ever pick the right superstar when they have a chance to.... I used to be a fan until Sam Booey returned to the team... I told everyone i knew at the time, not to pick this bum.......  Matter of fact, I didn't even see him on the bench last night.  Must be nice to be the highest paid fan in the NBA... Who gets paid to sit around home exposing his big goofey nude body on the internet.. What a worthless bum......    So where in the world is Odom???????? or better yet, when are trailblazer fans going to realize that they have been had by Sam Booey again... When will true blazer fans demand that he is removed from the team????? Well i will be the fist then,,,,, Get rid of this BUM ODOM and get someone who isnt getting paid to be a fan......


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