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Feb 06

Another Test

By Rachael Jensen
Friday we took a divisional test against the Nuggets. Denver came and went. We thought they might give us trouble. Maybe it was the Back to Back to Back. Maybe it was the travel. Maybe it just wasn't their night. Or maybe it was OUR night. Nic put on a clinic at the 3-point line. LaMarcus continued his quest for his All-Star berth. Camby cleaned up the glass! But we have another test tonight.

OKC is in town with the best record in the NBA.
I have a feeling that any night in the Rose Garden is OUR night!!! Watching from home and listening to Wheels. Cannot wait to hear all the great highlights that are about to come. Let's Go Blazers.

Who will step up tonight... Jamal? Wes? Gerald? Nic? How about all of the above!!
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  1. Great Blog!! I am sorry to say that even with 39 points LA couldn't get a win for us last night. I think we got robbed but that is just my personal opinion. The refs were blind and we were blindsided!! It was one of the most exciting games but just with the wrong team winning. Time to shake it off and bring it on Wednesday. GO BLAZERS!!

    by dljensen on 2/7/2012 8:59 AM
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