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Feb 04

In Response to Blog Post, "Blog Contest: Assess The Trail Blazers Through Twenty Games"

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Welcome to the first of four blogging contests!

Last year we launched the Trail Blazers Bloggers Network. Since then, many of you fans have engaged in sharing and discussing your passion for and ideas about the team. You are incredibly talented bloggers and write engaging, though-provo

The Portland Trail Blazers' season, through the first twenty games of 2011-12, could aptly be described as a Tale of Two Teams.

On one side, you have the home team: a dominant squad, playing like a championship contender. They have only one loss, compared to nine victories, including some wins over very good teams.

On the other side, you have the road warriors. Only, they don't play like warriors, with only three wins, compared to seven losses.

The contrast between the two has been striking. Certain Blazers, particularly the guards, have struggled no matter where they play. LaMarcus Aldridge and Marcus Camby have been beacons of consistency, but in a good way. Aldridge is having a career year, and Camby is rebounding the ball just as well as he ever has.

The biggest culprit so far has been Gerald Wallace. Wallace has been amazing at home, while on the road, he often disappears for long stretches. It's one reason why the team has continually fallen short in tight games on the road; their second best player is MIA in most of those games.

No one really seems to know why, but it's clear by now that when Gerald is playing at his best, this team is far more dangerous. The pressure isn't exclusively on him, however. Other players need to step up as well.

At their best, the Blazers are a team capable of beating most of the dominant teams in the NBA so far. At their worst, they can loose winnable games to teams like the Pistons and the Kings, due to inconsistency and poor execution.

This team is in a challenging position right now. As it is, the won't qualify for a top four seed in the playoffs, meaning they would have to win on the road at least once to advance. However, if they learn to win on the road now, they will likely become a top four seed in the west, and not have to win on the road right away in the playoffs. 

It's up to everyone, both players and coaches, to figure out why there is such a drop off in wins when the Blazers leave the Rose Garden, and to fix it now, before it's too late.


  1. i think we've played some good games on the road. the problem is, we've seldom played a full 48 minutes. i remember the majority of games last year when we owned the fourth quarter. this year, it almost seems to be a detriment. i'm not so sure the road woes aren't simply a lack of playing a full game, which we seem to be better at doing in the Rose Garden. i agree that if we start winning some road games now, we very well could end up among the top four in the west by seasons end.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 2/6/2012 3:53 PM
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