Jan 13

1 KEY PLAY: SA SPURS 1/13/2012

By BDF444
This game was tied going into the 4th Q.  I don't know if that adds to the frustration of losing by 16 or not, but either way this game (read: 4th quarter) was not fun.  Adding insult to injury, Marcus Camby suffered an actual injury in the first half and did not return.  A quick glance at the rebounding stats, a 50 to 36 advantage to the Spurs, tells the story of the immediate effects of Camby going down. Add to that 52 points in the paint for the Spurs.

Let's rip off the Band-Aid quickly and get to the 1 KEY PLAY. This is one of my out of the box "plays" that's not conventional.  4:24 left to play, the Spurs are up by 9 after Felton scores 5 straight points to bring the lead down to single digits.  Tony Parker reenters the game and proceeds to go on a personal 10-2 run putting the Spurs up 17.  If 17 sounds familiar, it is if you've looked at the box score because the Blazers had 17 bench points tonight.  

Back at it tomorrow night in Houston.  Go Blazers!


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