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Jan 09

Cleveland Ice

By eduardo96beaver
I went to the Blazer game last night versus the Cavaliers with my two brothers and my son.  It was a fun time, got there from The Dalles without incident.  We ate at Burgerville and got to try out the new Coca-Cola dispenser machines, that offer something like 110 plus flavors!

For a while there I thought that might have been the highlight of the night.  Talk about a couple of cold drinks.  I think the Blazers came out thinking that they had the game in the bag before it started.  My brother David that drove, midway through the second quarter stood up and said "Well, you guys can find a ride home, I am gone!"  He was just kidding and if it wasn't for Wesley Matthews keeping us sort of in the game, we may really have left.

Are the guys believing in all the hype that they are the third to fifth best team in the NBA?  I hope not.  I would like us to stay under the radar (notice I say us!) and not believe our hype.

Regardless, I love our Blazers and want them to do great, I just want to see a more consistent effort.

I am sure that they don't want to see another "Cleveland Ice" anymore than I do!
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