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Jan 03

Live Game Streaming

By chrisinportland
So I have Direct Tv.. superior to comcast.  I heard that I could stream the Blazer games for 2.99 a game or 69.99 for the season.  I have a big computer screen, so I thought awesome.  So last night I went to the site to check it out and not available in 97236? SE Portland? Says the games are available on Comcast.  What a joke, the Blazer games are on such a lock down I can't even pay to stream.  Way to go Blazers, way to go Comcast.  What a complete and utter joke.  And what I also just learned is I can't get the games on League pass either.  That doesn't make sense cause all the games are sold out.  

What a joke


  1. I too have DirecTv live in Sandy and cannot get the stream. Comcast is not available in Sandy nor would I even think about getting it. It's only been 2 yrs since they said it would figures out to get it to everyone. Another fail

    by Eric Teeter on 1/4/2012 3:53 PM
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