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Dec 10

Moving On

By D_pickett Posted in: Blazers, BrandonRoy, Sixers
Observe with me this word-painting:

Devastated. Shocked. Discombobulated. Emotional. Upset. Hopeless.

You'll know in one guess what this is regarding: the news about Brandon Roy's pursuit of a career ending injury claim. More specifically, it is my (and likely numerous others') reaction. As a fan of what Brandon brought back to this franchise, I couldn't believe this news. Having heard the comments at the press conference with Chad Buchanan, Larry Miller, and Nate McMillan, I couldn't believe this news. Knowing the kind of warrior and competitor that Brandon Roy is, I couldn't believe this news. And, in that sense, it feels like a grieving process, beginning with total denial.

However, it is to that grief and especially that word "hopeless" I now turn. The current overall atmosphere surrounding everything Rip City is disappointment and hopelessness. This event immediately succeeds the six-month NBA lockout, which yielded a two-week preseason prior to the Christmas day season opener that NBA fans everywhere are desperately awaiting. This window of time has placed every team in a rush to prepare for the season. While we all want to sit at our computers with a bag of potato chips and watch Roy highlights until December 26th, there is quite frankly no time to grieve.

I do not envy the plethora of decisions that the Blazers management now faces. I am sure they find themselves shocked and confused like the rest of us. However, allowing this to cause a lethargic start to the season would ultimately be yet another tale of tragedy in this misfortune-plagued town.

My fellow fans I urge you--while paying all the appropriate respects to our boy B-Roy--don't forget to support our remaining players for this season. They need to hear that Rip City roar when they take on Philidelphia on the 26th. We still have amazing players that will continue to rise, and the Roy legacy will continue to carry this group as they attempt to push past that pesky first round. Albeit abrupt, Rip City must begin moving on.


  1. I couldn't agree more! I am sad to see Roy's career end this way but I think that we have an amazingly talented roster who has the ability to take us far!!

    by Rachael Jensen on 12/10/2011 10:03 PM
  2. Well said D_pickett. I'm right there with you in supporting our guys into the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    by sarahhecht on 12/11/2011 7:28 PM
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