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Jul 06

I Think People Forget Too Easily

By b.mabe Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge, Blazers
There has been a lot of talk this summer about "adding to the team" and making "that push toward a championship."  But honestly, how desperate are we right now, at this moment, to have offered a player like Hedo Turkalu a 5 year deal when the man is 30 years old.  I feel as if the NBA Gods were taking care of us when he changed courses on us and went with Toronto.  I honestly feel as if he wouldn't have been a great addition to our team.  People forget that we made it to the playoffs and almost (I know "almost" doesn't count) got past the first round.  We lost those games to Houston by 1, 3, and 4.  Those are numbers I can live with when we were the second youngest team inthe league.  The organization is so quick to want to "act now" and try to push this team even further, but I ask why?  Why is it so dire right now?  To me the reason is because the Blazers as an orginization want to make their money and want to make it now.  They are tired of hearing the cliche statments of "rebuilding" or "starting over" or "we just want to make it to the playoffs."  I just have a fear that all these expectations and desires are going to go against the team's chemistry and momentum.  How about we just add a veteran PG (he doesn't have to be such a BIG name either) and get a back-up PF (somone like Chris Wilcox or Brandon Bass).  Forget about David Lee because he does not deserve to come off the bench and we already have one of the best power forwards in LaMarcus who must start all 82 (hopefully more) games.  Pritchard & Company need just focus on the details and get the NEEDS of the team and not worry about a big name signing.  That is what happened when Darius Miles was signed (we wanted a big name).  It's time again to let some slack come to the reigns of this team and start concentrating on the actual needs rather than the big name players who would come in and have to share minutes.  It just doesn't make logical sense.  Please, please stick the basics and do not forget how proud we were of the Blazers just two short months ago. 


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