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Jul 03

It's Official!!!

By ripcitychamps
Check out this ESPN article. Turkoglu officially agreed in principle to a contract with Portland.


  1. It isn't official until Wednesday... but yes, exciting nonetheless.

    by Dan Harbison on 7/3/2009 11:43 AM
  2. So what are they gonna do with outlaw or batum or martell?

    by jgibson on 7/3/2009 1:04 PM
  3. Not so fast

    by b.mabe on 7/3/2009 7:32 PM
  4. Turns out that Hedo has "changed his mind." He is going to sign with Toronto who can offer him "6 million dollars more" over 5 years. This is just a classic example of a player taking cash over a championship. It's sad really. Because he will NEVER win a ring in Toronto and he must know that. If he doesn't, his basketball IQ isn't what McMillan and KP thought it was. I say, to hell with him. Let's get a vet PG and and Milsap in here pronto!

    by b.mabe on 7/3/2009 7:34 PM
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