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Nov 05

NBA Lockout

By Jeff_Bender
I'm glad that the NBA is locked out.  You have millionaires fighting with billionaires over money.  That's funny.  It makes a lot of sense in a recession where people are losing their jobs, homes, and life savings to be arguing over percentages of the FAN's money.  Now, I don't have to pay $75 a ticket to watch millionaires play basketball in a coliseum that is owned by billionaires.  I also don't have to pay $6 for a hot dog, $7 for a soda, $8 for nachos, $10 for a beer, and $20 for parking.  And I don't miss watching any of the games either.  I'm glad the NBA is locked out.  It forces people out there to save their meager bit of extra cash to pay bills if they lose their job one day.  If they ever resolve their differences, maybe they should be more considerate to the fans who have to pay these outrageous prices in a depressed economy.


  1. Jeff, I couldn't agree more. Another thing the players and owners have to think about is the fans getting fed up due to the sheer greed on both sides. They should look at Netflix, who out of greed, tried to raise prices. As a result, people dropped them in droves and they are now making less money. Look at BofA, who after announcing they were going to raise fees, lost a ton of customers. Now they are back peddling on raising fees, but the point is, the little guy is sick of getting it stuck to him by greedy companies - and in this case its greedy sports figures... These guys need to remember they get to PLAY A GAME for a living and get paid a ton of money for it. While the little guy in the stands who buys the over priced ticket and concessions is the real reason that guy gets to make all that money. And now he wants more!?!?!? Another thing nobody is thinking about is this lock out contributed to the breakdown of Kim Kardashians marriage. The connection may be a little fuzzy, but bear with me... In Touch Weekly said that she was sick of working all the time while her BASKETBALL PLAYER husband Kris Humphries , who isn't working due to the strike, sat at home all the time. The fact that they only made it 72 days completely shatters my faith in the sacredness of marriage. They were really my last hope to believe someone could be happy and make it work. But now, I just don't know what to believe anymore. Good job NBA players and owners!!!! Just another casualty in your quest for the almighty dollar!!!

    by Guitar Girl on 11/5/2011 4:28 PM
  2. I agree 100%

    by mbmurr1 on 11/23/2011 3:02 PM
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