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Jun 26

Patty Mills!

By AussiePride
Perhaps the best kept secret of the 2009 nba draft. For a twenty year old, he has achieved so much: he lead the Australian basketball team in a successful campiagn at the Beijing Olympics averaging more points then his teammate, the 2005 nba first pick 'Andrew Bogut'. He lead St Mary's to a near perfect season only losing a few games during the regular season and he was youngest Boomers member at age seventeen.

So what does everyone think of Patrick Mills? and Do you think he will fit into the Blazers rotation?



  1. I would have to see him play first. See how he fits in to our team. Nice to see another Nation was added to Rip City. Also, this would probably be better served as a Message Board Topic.

    by RipCityRevival on 6/28/2009 8:08 PM
  2. Patty is a MAD BALLER!!!!! I just hope Blazers sign him soooooo bad.

    by scotty3149 on 6/29/2009 9:59 PM
  3. P-Mills is one of the nicest guys in the NBA hands-down. Not only to I appreciate his attitude but he has a lot of offer the blazers. He plays with a high tempo, moves the ball, and can shoot the lights out. Not to mention the speed he has can beat anyone.

    by EthanMoney on 2/28/2011 8:23 PM
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