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Jun 21

My first blog

By Rip City Rockers
Here is my first blog.  Happy Fathers Day.  The 2009 draft is coming up.  Cant wait.  Man if there is any way I would like the Blazers to move and some how get Ricky Rubio.  I don't think it will happen but if anyone can it would be Pritchard.  I really think this kid has a huge furture.   He would be great for us.  A true point  He already knows Rudy.  Having them on the same team again.  WOW.  I just like the way he plays.   He really knows how to pass.  I think he would help Greg too.  He would get the ball  to him at the right time.  Let's see what happens.  If we can't get him maybe we might see about a power forward like the Blare kid.  Sounds like he would give us some real post power with Oden.   I believe in the Blazers and they will make the right moves.  Just cant wait to see what they are. 


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