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Jun 11

Thank you Blazers

By Itsfengshui Posted in: BrandonRoy, Blazers

So I grew up in Oregon and just last month moved to NJ and it's so odd to see how much basketball fans suck out here. I see people wearing jerseys from all different teams and it makes me feel home sick all ready. Thecool thing is seeing our #7 being rocked even in NYC!!! In Portland it feels like a sin to even sell something other than a Blazer jersey let alone have the audacity to wear one.

We (Rip City) are by far the best fans and I am so proud to be a Blazer fan! I have been a fan for over 20 years now and it's so great to have a team that people around the NBA say are a bunch of great guys on and off the court. I watched our team fall apart and now really begin to build back up. I love the phrase "Rise with Us" because it really says more to us as Blazer fans than anyone will ever know. 

So on that note thank you to all of the great players and the organization for letting us Rise with You.


  1. Sorry you have to be in Jersey, rad that you carry the torch for the Trail Blazers. You gotta convert some folks and have viewing parties!

    by Dan Harbison on 6/12/2009 9:19 AM
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