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May 08

What can PRP do for Brandon Roy?

By Hg


PRP is on the edge of a new exciting procedure in Athletes injury rehab. It promotes healing by speeding up recovery time with up to 4 times the normal blood platelets that starts clotting and the healing process.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an adult type cell stemming that can be used in rejuvenation injured parts and healing of injuries. Blood is taken from the marrow of the bones of the patient and is mixed with fatty tissues and spun down to give the Patient's own blood a rich supply of platelets. This is in return injected at pin point accuracy into the injury. this will speed up healing and also rejuvenate destroyed cells caused by the injury due to rapid cell division. Parent cells retain the DNA of the patient, and the divided cells forms the growth and rejuvenated cells to promote healing and new growth.

As this is a new procedure and faces lots of scrutiny from society, so the results of the procedure varies from patient to patient and from Dr. to Dr.

If this is actually the reason for Brandon Roy's new ability to play without pain and swelling is not known to me, but if it is the reason and if he can re-grow, parts or all of his Mencius it would be a wonderful thing in my eyes. If it just smooth’s out the rough spots on his cartilage and gives him freedom of movement is an improved condition over the past performance.

All of this is not fact, just my opinion from articles I have read. I am just a Blazer fan hoping for the best for Brandon Roy.

Harold G. Mangum (Hg)



  1. nice report, Hg. from everything i've read, Brandon and the blazers are interested in innovative techniques which would improve his success. i don't know if PRP is applicable to Brandon's meniscus, but it certainly is worth more research.

    by Kassandra on 5/8/2011 3:47 PM
  2. Thank you Kassandra;

    A funny story, I had been reading up on PRP, and was searching the web for more information, so I tried Google search, Ask the question "Can PRP cell stemming re-grow meniscus and the two top hits were mine and Ancientone post discussing it on Barrett’s Blog and a BE blog that I was debating another poster with.

    I guess I am authority on cell stemming now LMAO.

    The Dr, shot PRP into both knees after the surgery and wanted him to go slow until it had a chance to heal. When he came back he did just enough to be help. I always thought he could do more but wouldn't. He said in the fourth game of the play-offs he felt no pain and had no swelling. Now he says he is going to get more therapy then practice hard and try to be an all-star again next year. That is what got me thinking of PRP. My thoughts are running wild.

    I think the fourth game of the play-offs was an experimental move to see what he could do and how much he can achieve.

    I supposed that could be more on the hope side than the fact side, but I just have a feeling that him, LMA, and Greg is finally going to get to do the big three act. With Wallace and Dre, It might be the big Five :).

    by Hg on 5/8/2011 9:15 PM
  3. He should use DMSO. It's what they use on race horses to regrow tendons rather then shoot them in the head.

    by mbmurr1 on 5/10/2011 8:42 AM
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