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Summarizing any post-season that ends with a loss deserves respect. There are many tracks that can be taken and the feelings of the people involved can become uncomfortably entangled.

Some may choose a myopic reflection that generalizes about the better games of the season and may be taken as superficial hullabaloo. Others offer a harsh and specific criticism of the team's inconsistent play, which may have contributed to an early exit, and can be construed as crass or unforgiving. Finally some can attempt to strike a balance between the two, which can be pacifistic or nonchalant.

So I'll just write this: After Game 6 I don't think Portland lost anything that's ultimately consequential to the team or its fans, and it earned some solid integrity from the team's many fans, supporters and itself.

Remember this: The Blazers were a nine man team at one point this season. Nine players in the uniform and able to play.

And while three straight post-seasons of first round exits are frustrating and cannot be considered as victories, the truth is that it isn't all that surprising. Not when you start the season with "second round dreams."

So that's my one and only problem with this season's ending. The Goal was set early and in stone for making the second round; but it was not not achieved because of varying wills (haphazard playing performances) and unpredictable factors (unforeseen injuries and damaging circumstances.)

Watching Game 6 while mostly standing in front of my seat in the 116 section was a home team scattering about the court, with two players who had "The Goal" in mind and many other players looking to contribute to their success.

I also watched a swarm of blue uniformed players coalesced toward the same goal but unified in their resolve to achieve it.

The Goal should not be the second round, or even the championship.

The Goal should be a unified victory by all Blazer team members working together each night.

Let this season be the end of the "Uprise" era, where "The Goal" is to set a new "The Goal" every season. That's a theme for the incomplete or misguided. A theme that thrives exclusively on people's emotions, not on their efforts.

Start next season and those to follow with a theme to match the goal. One where Rip City can "Unite". An era where being a Blazer, staff member and fan are all geared toward the success of everyone by the unbridled efforts of each individual.

Write columns. Talk to your neighbors. Practice till you're sure of that shot, and then practice just a little more. Sweep the lines. Cook the food. Draw the posters.

We'll be back next year, united for every single game.

Photo by Patch/Blazers v. Rockets Game 5 in 2009

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  1. Great post, you're totally right...
    Let's forget about this and start preparing for next season... Let's unite!

    Looking forward for more posts during off-season... We all need some Blazer stuff to read during these long months without red and black basketball.

    Keep it up! Go Blazers!

    by Showtime14 on 4/30/2011 6:04 PM
  2. thanks, Patch. it's not the time to panic so much as to tweak our way of thinking. we have a solid core and there's no doubt in my mind that Rich Cho will add to it. now is more of a time to reflect than anything else. there will be plenty of time to look forward to next season.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 4/30/2011 11:57 PM
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