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Apr 26

Is the offense good enough??

By David Harrison Posted in: Blazers
After watching game 5 it was apparent again at times the Blazers offense came to a pick and roll, last second buzzer beater throw it at the rim issue!

I was tweeting during and after the game that the offense was seemily garbage at times. Looking at the Blazers season so far and the numbers will back it up, when the Blazers have flow and movement the team plays better and it spreads to the defensive end. This whole high pick and roll late in the shot clock has in my opinion wasted all the offensive talent the team has. Players are not being used or put in situations to score during the half court "OFF"ence.

Our players are up and down, fast break running players. Players come off the bench and cant find rythem ever because they are not post players. Rudy needs to have sets like Reggie Miller had, lots of screens and movement. Our players are just to good at both ends of the floor to be held down like that. Play good defense and have a 3 on 2 break only to have the ball slowed up until they can set up high pick and roll or just dunp it to LA for 1 shot. Dont get me wrong LA has gotten it done but he is showing that it is all catching up to him. The poor guys is exausted!

My concern is that if Coach Nate cannot get this offense and these players into the strong fast break and defensive team they are easily able to be, maybe a change is due.

Coach has done a great job getting this team to understand and respect the game and each other but they need something more to really advance. Its my opinon we will not reach any finals of any kind until they can become that team.

Examples have happened all year... remember last game against the Fakers... they ran them out of the gym to take away there height advantage...worked bueatifully and would work against any team.

I keep hearing media talk about waiting for Gerald Wallace to emerge... his style is speed and movement with fast breaking... which when he tries to do he usually ends up 1 against 4!!

All my babbling is just saying...should we have signed Nate's extension?? We could have landed Adelman.

I still think we will beat Dallas in game 6 but after watching the 3 in Dallas, nervous about 7 in the big D!


  1. To answer your posed question, yes. I think the Blazer offense is good enough to beat the Mavericks. We've proven that several times now, just not on the road.

    We've come close to winning in Dallas, but this isn't a game of horseshoes or a chaperoned high school dance.

    Resigning Nate McMillan was the right call to make by the front office. The guys trust him and major changes at this point are not the answer. I'm with Mike Rice though on one caveat though: If we go to Dallas in Game 7, Start Roy, and sub in CJ early. In a "One Win Series" after playing six, a chance to throw off the opposition can be essential toward securing a victory.

    For Game 6, play hard, smart ball at home with what you already know works.

    Good writing, and keep it up, David. GO RIP CITY!

    by Patch on 4/26/2011 7:19 PM
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