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Apr 30

Prayer for the Blazers

By LoveMyBlazers84 Posted in: BrandonRoy

Dear God,


The Blazer community is resounding in your infinite grace! We came before you humble and pleading, and you saw fit to bless us with a victory. My Lord, We come to you again in hopes that our prayers will be answered. Our Blazers have fallen into a time of need. We are currently 3-2 in a seven game series. If we win in Houston, we come home to Portland, God’s Country, where we will have a victory. We are asking that you please see fit to bless the Blazers with the ability to snap back, and continue on in this mission. We asked that you keep Brandon Roy’s hands steady, and with your love, he found steady hands even with the flu. We asked that you bless Lamarcus in his slam dunks, and with your love he was able to succeed with an injured elbow. Lord, with your grace we saw what Oden and Pryzbilla could really do on the court without the ever mighty presence of foul trouble. We basked in the glow of Batum starting game 5, and were left speechless by the performance of Blake. God, Fernandez was on point all game, because of your guidance. We come to you again, as an NBA loving community and ask for your love and grace to bless our team. In this We pray, Amen.


Rise Up Rip City!!!!!!


(prayer for game 6)


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