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Apr 22


By christina#5 Posted in: BrandonRoy
I love the Blazers this year! I have never gotten into basketball as much as I ever have this season! The boys all have so much potential and bond then any other team I have ever watched! I will always be a Portland Trail Blazer fan for the rest of my life just because of the amazing team we have built up! They all work so well together and I hope that it continues throught the playoffs! I don't want to be dissapointed in my team and I know that they are going to work hard. They jsut can't choke now that we are in the playoffs. We have players that just don't do well when it comes down to important games. I love Travis Outlaw but he did not play good last night, he didn't hit the potential shots he could have and played bad defense most of the night. Blake I don't know what was up with him last night but he made some bad decisions that didn'y make sense. I love Rudy but lately he hasn't been playing to his potential he could be taking more shots than he trys to and he needs to take some risks cause he shoots better than half of the other guys that try to hit the shots. He is quick and can do more than just pass the ball. but I am really proud of Albridge and Roy they did great and carried the team. The younger boys  though need to step it up so we don't rely on Brandon the whole entire game he needs breaks too! Keep it up boys and don't EVER lose by thirty points again PLEASE!!!!!! :)


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