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Feb 14

LaMarcus 25/10 Streak in Perspective

By Blaz06Draft
LaMarcus Aldridge has averaged 25/10 for the last 29 games.  To put this in perspective, I searched for all players in the last 25 years who averaged 25/10 or better for the whole season.  Eight players did it for a combined 36 seasons.  The names are among the all-time great big men:

Shaq                   10 times
Karl Malone         9 times
Barkley                 5 times
Hakeem                4 times
David Robinson     4 times
Ewing                    2 times
Duncan                  1 time
Webber                 1 time

All are but Duncan and Webber are on the NBA’s top 50 of all time list, published in 1996 on the NBA’s 50th birthday.  Certainly Duncan would make the list today.

So you can conclude that during LaMarcus’s streak, he has been playing at an all-time top 50 level!  Keep it up, LA!  It’s a pleasure to watch you!


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