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Feb 13

Blazers Playoff picture

By Andrew Bitrous Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
I think the Portland Trail Blazers are going to make it to the playoffs.The Trail Blazers will play the San Antonio Spurs.The Blazers could win it all th way.And thats what we hope.So I have hope the Trail Blazers are going all the way.LA is going to  of points during make alot the playoffs.


  1. Im thinking the same way

    by 123456 on 2/26/2011 7:40 PM
  2. Are you kidding me. Portland beats Denver at home with no true center after the trade. Then they lose 2 in a row at home in at tight race for the 6,7,8th spots in the playoffs. Then Nate McMillan makes excuses for his players, because of the adjustments to Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby, and Gerald Wallace in the line-up will take time. On the road yes, I can see it, but not at home. Portland gives up 103 points to Houston. That is just a lack of effort on the defensive. If Nate doesn't discipline this team they will not even make the playoffs with as many teams that are still alive for a playoff position. Still love my players. This is on Nate McMillan to get it done.

    by William McGee on 3/2/2011 7:12 AM
  3. Gerald Wallace was right in his post game interview- need to play harder on the defensive side.
    Nicholas Batum was right in his post game interview- need to play with more intensity.
    Nate McMillan was right in his post game interview- no effort, no swagger, he doesn't know who this team is right now. Maybe it is him.
    With so much on the line for playoff positioning how can they come out and play with so little effort blows me away. How long has these guys been playing basketball. If they can't show more effort than this they don't deserve to be in the playoffs any way.
    Gerald Wallace, this is not on you what so ever. Just set a good example for this team that will light a fire under them before it is too late.

    by William McGee on 3/2/2011 7:28 AM
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