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Apr 18

Looking back at this past season, I had such high expectaions. 

I'll never forget the season opener where I should of arrived earlier to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch, never the less proceeded to the next sports bar only to see Oden go down in his first few mins of play and the Lakers spank Portland. Oh, the dissapointment I felt, I knew this was gonna be a long season.

To my surprize, the team held on, and was finding ways to get wins. I think it was our first big road trip when I was very impressed to see Portland take it 3-2 with an impressive win over Orlando to set it off, and when we got back home with no time to rest to beat the Chicago Bulls 116-74, I knew this was the begining to a very special season.

The very next game, another blow out, this time a 117-96 romp vs. the Kings. Steve Blake was outstanding that night with 20 pts and 5 ast. Then came the road trip I feared. Nov 30th vs. Rasheed and the Pistons, then on to New York, Washington, Boston and Toronto. The Blazers went 4 and 1 only losing to the defending world champions, the Boston Celitcs. This let me and the rest of the fans know that this team can now get it done on the road. 

You can't win them all though and I remember the Blazers dropping 3 in a row after the trip, inclusing one to the Clippers. Now that's a shot to the ego, but the team bounced right back delivering a couple blows to Sac and Phx and ended the month on a high note beating the defending world champs without our All Star.

From there the Blazers continued to play very well, but I don't think they really hit their stride until March with their 111-94 W over the Lakers. How good it feels to beat one of the elite, though the Trevor Ariza foul on Rudy was completely out of line. Other Huge wins that month: San Antonio, Phoenix and Utah.  

April, you'd wonder if they could still hold on. Well, they did in a big way only losing to Houston, and finishing the season on a 6 game winning streak and tied for 2nd best record in the west. 

Who could of possibly predicted that? 

If you would of asked me at the begining of the season, I would of said the Blazers would be lucky to finish in a 7th or 8th seed, and I'd be just happy to see them make the playoffs. 

Good luck in the playoffs fellas! Make our city and fans worldwide proud!


  1. I TOTALLY agree. After we lost Pryzbilla and Oden in the same game? I was like, "oh, no, not again!" But then, over time, I saw we were still hanging on, and throughout the season, I have been very pleased with how far this team has been able to come. Like you said, everyone has just stepped in and that shows what the depth and the heart of this team can do. GO BLAZERS!!!

    by briantheblazerfan on 3/15/2010 9:41 AM
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