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LaMarcus Aldridge--The All Star

By AnnaInTheHouse Posted in: Blazers, LaMarcusAldridge
We've all watched LaMarcus change and develop as a player and a leader on this team for the past five years but no other year has stood out quite like this one. 

Calling this season a roller coaster is an understatement. We've gone from anticipating a number one draft pick's return to watching a somber press conference announcing his downfall. We've watched our all star and leader fall as he struggled to adapt to new pains and restrictions in playing time. Yet, we're still in the thick of things. We're still fighting our way to the playoffs and our record is nearly identical to our record at the same time last season. Who or what do we have to thank for this accomplishment? Among all the fighters and players with heart on this team, I would thank LaMarcus Aldridge first and foremost. 

Our power forward out of Dallas, Texas has fought harder than most in a season riddled with injuries. For quite some time LaMarcus has been the sort of silent leader on this team. He's been co-captain with Brandon Roy but Roy easily filled the leader position on this roster becoming Rookie of the Year followed by multiple All Star game appearances. LaMarcus was always there, just as the silent partner, putting in minutes and stats but not receiving the same praise. That changed this season however. With Brandon Roy out indefinitely, this team looked for a leader, someone to step up and fill his shoes and LaMarcus was there. 

This season LA is averaging 21 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists per game, a near double double, to go along with 48% field goal shooting. This is up from his average of 17.9 ppg last season. In a season where predictability has gone out the window, LaMarcus has been the only true constant. Night after night, game after game, down the stretch LaMarcus has carried this team on his back and kept us in the hunt for the playoffs. 

If tonight's game against San Antonio (LA put up a career high 40 points to go with 11 rebounds and 2 assists) says anything, it's that LaMarcus Aldridge, should absolutely be named to the All Star reserves. Though, even if he tragically does not make the team, I think it's safe to say that the general public and national media outlets are finally starting to pay attention. They're finally realizing what Rip City has known all along--that 6'11 out of the University of Texas, number 12, the L Train, LaMarcus Aldridge is an absolute All Star. 

LA to LA. 

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  1. Very well put. I was gushing about LaMarcus on the way home from the game tonight. He has stepped up in such huge ways. Besides the great, great (did I say great?) stats, he's scoring his points very efficiently, 16 of 23? Ballin.

    He has stepped up as a leader and is holding this team together.

    LA to LA is right.

    by krizzikinz on 2/2/2011 12:09 AM
  2. We'll see at 4PM today if you're right Anna! Personally, I think his 40 point game against the Spurs cemented him in the game.

    by DHawes22 on 2/3/2011 2:43 PM
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