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Jan 26


By Gavinfan
In my opinion Andre, Joel and (to a lesser extent) Camby, are older, well paid players with expiring or short term deals (with a team option in Dre’s case) on a team that is at best a first round and done squad.  It’s logical to expect Cho to try to duplicate the Seattle/OKC rebuilding blueprint of flipping old players for picks and cheaper, younger replacements. It has worked out pretty well for the Thunder so far and assuming Roy and Oden can give the team something, a core of LMA/Roy/Oden/Wes/Nic is not a bad group to start with – heck, I could see Roy running the point with Nic guarding that position on D, and with any semblance of a bench that could be a very solid team.

 I still expect him to receive opposition from Seattle because dealing off the vets would affect the W-L record, and (ergo) season ticket renewals heading into the lockout

if Paul and the Vulcans are willing to be patient and let Cho take a step back (retool the roster) so the team can take a step forward after the lockout, then more power to him. There’s also some hope that the new CBA will allow teams to dump one bad contract without jeopardy, like back in 2005. This could have a huge impact on Roy and the future of the team’s salary structure


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